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Crossing the Threshold of Change

by Natalie Eidi Compeán

























The world doesn't spin like it used to. The merry-go-round of Life, that spun at a thousand kilometres per hour, would throw us towards the future with an extreme centrifuge force. If by mistake, we weren’t holding on with all of our strength to the steel bars which represent money, security and work;  we would slip into the infinite unknown which causes so much fears in humans.

This merry-go-round has stopped. The game is over. Your quarter is up. Go home children! And stay there! By federal plea. No. By global plea!

We could eternally perturb ourselves with the world around us, and so, get distracted of the essential and existential questions, such as: Who is really this being that lives behind the shield of my skin, and that walks bearing the large invisible weight of all the inherited beliefs of my ancestors?

These times invite us to reflect. How well do I know myself? It is not the colour of my hair, of my eyes, my height, my profession or my beer preference….NO! I want to know the deepest part of myself; and assume myself.

I want to know who it is that is giving himself to another person, in such an intimate sexual act, where there is no clothes to decorate us, and no lights to turn off to hide our truths.
How have I lived my sexuality up until now, how do I live it during quarantine and how do I want to live it from today onwards?
If I observe my loving and sexual-affectionate relationships with all honesty, which are the aspects I like, that give me harmony and wellbeing? And which aspects are toxic, pathologic, negative, conflictive, or simply boring, that I would like to change?
What would I allow myself to change in an ideal world?
 Let us not forget! The paradox of ; This is not an ideal world!; and This is an ideal world!

Would I allow myself to live a loving, serene, drama-free relationship? Would I allow myself to admit my erotic fetishes? Would I like to explore with someone from my same sex? Or what about this thing that's so talked about, Polyamory, would I allow myself to live something like that?
And so what if I don't have a partner? And so what if I don't want a partner?
Do I like being single? Do I abhor it? Do I long for a partner… or two?

Have I ever experienced crying out of pleasure in a sexual act? Have I spend innumerable hours making love? Have I have orgasms of the heart? Have I entered into the alternate dimensions that Sacred Sexuality lead to? Have I experienced Sexual ecstasy? Do I know how to injaculate? Do I know how to open my heart to love my lover unconditionally, and then close it accordingly to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering?


Do I permit myself to speak without taboos with my lovers about our sexuality? Is it easy for me to speak of my emotions, jealousies, insecurities, dreams, concerns?
Do I crave other people, even if it is in my fantasies?

And the golden questions: Have we been able to bear one another in this enclosed time? Or better yet: Have I been able to bear myself?


So many questions come up in times of change; this transition is marking an abrupt and radical transformation in the human psyche.

Some questions seem to push us into the abyss of a great void within, suffocating us with incertitude, far and anxiety.
But, what if we see this opportunity to recreate ourselves?

If we take all these questions, like a can opener, and open our minds to a new dimension of self-expression in this new and beautiful collective dawn, we would be able to glimpse the light at the end of this obscure and unknown tunnel.
By crossing this threshold, we will leave behind us an averagely satisfactory sexual expression, immature self-reflections, and superficial relationships. And ahead lies a world full of enjoyment and of such extreme pleasure, that the word “sex” will fall far too short.
The dimension of Sacred Sexuality, where there is no separation between our spirit and our eroticism, opens before us! Sexual Alchemy transmutes dense energy, lead-like (such as pornography or genitalized sexuality) into a more sublime expression (such as full body orgasms, which are more equivalent to a “psychotropic trip” than any ordinary 7 second orgasm after 15 minutes of sex, if we are lucky at all…)

So, welcome to the crossing of the threshold.
More of all this in the next articles!

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