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Blue Deer Ceremony

With Hikurima
(Natalie Eidi Compean)


4 Sept: Richmond Hills, Bay Area, California
11 Sept: Navarro, Mendocino, California
25 Sept: Portland, Oregon

Friday 1st October : Fresno, CA

Please arrive around 8pm.

Ceremonies end at 10 am the next morning.

Ceremonies will be held in English

Dear friends and family,

it is a pleasure having the possibility to invite you to this coming ceremony with Kauyumari, the Blue Deer, held by Hikurima, Natalie Eidi Compean, who has been working with the Wixarika tradition closely for the past 8 years, has been using the plant in her own life for the past 20 years, and has permission to share the medicine, given to her by the Marakame Antonio Carrillo Lopez, who shall not be travelling to California on this occasion. 
Kauyumari is the spirit who guides the Wixarikas and sacrifices himself to transform into Hikuri, the peyote-cactus with which the  Wixarikas get in contact with their ancestors, receiving their mercy and guidance to be guardians of our planet earth.

In the traditional Wixarika ceremony, we sit up all night around Tatewari, the Grandfather Fire, and talk with him, while we listen to the songs and partake in Hikuri. This helps us to awake self-knowledge and find clear answers to face our reality. Therefore the main purpose of this ceremony is to heal our body, mind and spirit, and to give thanks to our Mother Earth and our Father Sun for giving us strength to walk the path of life in grace and harmony. 



The Wixarikas as wisdom keepers, developed a language of symbols for us to communicate and understand one another based on what unites us. Our task is to recover the memory of who we are and to act accordingly, honouring our sacred relationship with the natural creation.

The oldest living beings on this planet are fire, water, earth and air. From these elements, all on this planet originates. We are fire, we are earth, we are air and we are water. These are simple words to illustrate that which unites us are not beliefs, but simple facts.

Through the eyes of consciousness, we are united with the sacredness of nature, which is present in our bodies and at the same time all around sustaining us.

The Wixarikas have managed to preserve this ancient perspective, while living it consciously in their daily life. We are not separate; we are all one. We are all the origin of creation manifested at this point. It is our duty to act with consistency and recognize our relationship with the creation, to conduct our evolution.


It is recommended that you stop eating meat and drinking alcoholic beverages at least 3 days before the ceremony.

On the day of the ceremony, do not eat after 2pm. You may have a light snack, like some fruit before the ceremony. Avoid sexual intercourse at least 5 days before the ceremony.


It is highly recommended to discontinue the use of any drugs, prescription or otherwise 5 days prior to the ceremony. Any other plant medicine, modern medicines, drugs, or marijuana mixed with Hikuri can cause confusion, or may simply cancel out the full experience of the medicine.

Take time prior to the ceremony to prepare your intentions, you may ask whatever you wish. It is suggested you write these down to stay focus in your personal work.


- Your own mug , small spoon and toilet paper.

- enough water to drink.
- FRUIT to SHARE for the Morning

For your personal altar:

- a white candle in a glass cup.

- other small objects of spiritual, emotional or personal value.

- fruit and flowers for your personal altar.

- offerings of tobacco, sweets, seeds, chocolate, flowers, etc. for the main altar.

- comfortable clothes, and layers.

- yoga mat, blanket, sleeping bag and cushion to sit up during the ceremony, or camping chair.



The ceremony lasts all night and we show our respect for this by remaining awake and working with the spirit. There are 5 chants during the night, every time the sun shifts position in the sky during the ceremony. During these songs all are asked to return to their places and quietly listen to the song. With the permission of the Healer you may also offer songs and prayers during the ceremony. We will share exercises which helps you to dive deeper into your personal work.



The candle is to be brought back home and burned for the next 5 nights, from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. Place it in the room where you sleep and if on the fifth day there is still wax, let it burn out completely. This process helps the work as it continues in the dreams. During these days it is recommended to keep everything simple, and pay close attention to your dreams. Remember that the ceremony is 50% of the spiritual work. The other 50% is personal work. The most important is not the experience of the medicine at the ceremony; but what you take with you to enrich your life and understand yourself at a deeper level.

Natalie Eidi, Mexican/ Mediterranean heritage, has been partaking in ceremonies for the past 18 years, and has been accompanying and organizing these and other like ceremonies for over 8 years, internationally, and in Mexico.



The Wixarika people live in a remote region of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Their rugged environment has allowed them to preserve their traditional lifestyle for hundreds of years. Their connection to the spiritual world is something inherent to life itself, as it is the way of co-existing in harmony with nature and all of creation.

Today, the Wixarika way of life continues much as it has for thousands of years. Still without electricity or running water, the Wixarika people rely on their relationship with nature to sustain their communities.

The Wixarika people of Mexico has practiced its sacred healing traditions for millennia. Unlike most of the indigenous cultures of America, the Wixarika never had a warrior class. Instead, they devoted all of their time and efforts to spiritual endeavors, working on polishing their ancient healing and ceremonial arts.

Every year, the Wixarika people make a pilgrimage to the sacred mountain of Wirikuta to collect the Hikuri (peyote cactus), central to their religious rituals, as a desire to return to where life originated and heal oneself. In this sacred journey, the Marakames travel 250 miles and assume roles of gods along the trail that they take by foot. Upon arrival in Wirikuta, the hunt begins and the first cactus that is found is shared among everyone. Then, they harvest enough Hikuri for the year. After the work is done, they eat enough Hikuri to have visions. Because of the visions and effects of the plant, the Marakame is able to speak to the gods and ensure the regeneration of the Wixarika soul.



Ceremony per person per Night =  180 USD


Please consider, that a portion of each ceremony will be designated to protect the sacred land of the Ceremonial Center.

If the price is an obstacle for you to come, please contact us.

The full fee is required in advance to confirm your reservation.

Ceremonia con Marakame Antonio Carrillo
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