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Cacao Ceremony

with Natalie Eidi


From 17:00 to 23:00

 :  +527771107686


Welcome to the Cacao Ceremonies taking place in CDMX


The Cacao Medicine is an ancient medicinal plant, that has been used in Ceremony and Healing initially by the native peoples of the Mayan culture of Central America, then later on the Aztec and other MesoAmerican Cultures before the Spanish Conquest.

Although the tradition of using it in ceremony was temporarily forgotten, the Spirit of the Cacao has brought back this beautiful way to gather, heal and love ourselves and one another!
The Cacao is 100% Pure and of Ceremonial Grade, which means it has high percentage of its active substance, Theobromine; and is sourced from the Lacandon Jungle in Chiapas, as well as Tabasco.

During this evening, we will set our Intentions, spend some time in silent contemplation, there will be a prayer circle,  music and singing . Laughter, dance, expression, tears, movement,, gratitudes, blessings are all part of what might happen at these love filled spaces!
The ceremony is a container and context for one to touch, feel, open and  and speak from their heart....

Medicinal Properties of cacao
Some of the Medicinal Properties of the Cacao are:
♥ Activate our Pineal Gland
♥ Stimulate high level of our Love Hormones :
- Serotonin (is our natural anti-depressant)
- Endorphins (natural pain relievers )
- Dopamine (provides feelings of happiness, pleasure, focus and attention),
These are three crucial neurotransmitters involved in regulating mood, pain, sleep and appetite, and the cycle of addiction.
Cacao also has high levels of other chemicals like :
- Phenylethylamine (is an amphetamine that stimulates dopamine receptors and increases pulse, blood sugar levels, alertness and blood pressure. Phenylethlamine occurs naturally in our brain and is the chemical released when we fall in love and thus why many people are addicted to falling in love and have serial relationships. However, the phenylethylamine that occurs naturally is much lower in quantity and potency than chocolate.)
- Anandamide (is an endocannabinoid, a neurotransmitter that is affected with marijuana use and addiction, thus, providing a similar kind of a high. Endocannabinoids affect sensory and time perception, pleasure, appetite, pain, coordination, concentration, memory, thought and movement and have a dampening effect on all other neurotransmitters. They, too, are naturally occurring in the brain, but marijuana and chocolate cause excessive stimulation, which produces the high.)
♥ Detox: Powerful antioxidant to enhance immune system
♥ Lowers risk of heart disease
♥ Lowers bad cholesterol & high blood pressure
♥ Boost Health: Contains vitamins & minerals such as magnesium, vitamin C, natural sulfur, B-complex vitamins
♥ Increases vitality, focus & sensitivity
♥ Excellent for use in Inner Work, such as meditation, yoga, therapy and group-work

Indications and Preparation:
- Drink lots of water!!!! Preferably with Minerals, such as suero, or electrolytes

- Best to not be on a heavy stomach upon arrival. Eating before the ceremony is fine, as long as its light, and preferably vegetarian. This is to avoid stomach heaviness and delay in the effect of the Cacao Medicine. 

- We suggest to NOT SMOKE TOBACCO at least a couple hours before the Ceremony, or during...
- We also suggest to not smoke Cannabis in any form for at least the day of the ceremony.

What to Bring:
- Your personal water bottle
- Comfortable clothing, to move, sit, dance and lie down in. This does not mean gym pants necessarily, but at least avoid tight jeans, and very short skirts which limit your movement. 
- Any personal object you would like to bring to the altar, such as family foto, sacred objects, 
- A piece of paper with all of your intentions/prayers/petitions/requests in your own hand writing.


For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Salud y Amor!


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1200 MXN/person

Includes ceremony and a snack at the end for grounding.

Please reserve to:
whatsapp +52 777 1107686

(RESERVE with 600 pesos or the total 1200

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