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Sexuality and Relations is what we are
made up of. We come into existence through these two "pillars", and throughout our whole life, we
navigate through the fabric that these two pillars weave together.
Here we look at
 how to achieve states of Erotic Rapture through the portal of Sacred Sexuality in Taoist Sexual Alchemy. We also have a look at the vast myriad of possible relationships styles, such as conscious monogamy and various types of open relations. 
As co-creators of our lives, here we encourage the cultivation of our erotic unions and the sublimation of our sexual experience, regardless of our sexual orientation, relationship style, or transitory phase of personal evolution.

EcoLiving is a pragmatic way of contributing to the Human planetary transition we are experiencing.
"LAS LIRIDAS - Initiatic Sanctuary Ecovillage"
Lots of Permaculture workshops, ceremonies, community life in nature, and hands on learning here!

Rites & Ceremonies for personal transcendental transformation is the fundamental axis of Natalie Eidi's  . Honouring the ancestral ways, learning from the ancient lineages, and facilitating the direct transmission of  the wisdom keepers, are the main values of the work in this area. The main activities here are day events, weekend events and retreats. All which can include Rites (such as Nature Walks, FireWalking and other Fire cleansing techniques); Ceremonies (such as Cacao, and other sacred plants), and Taoist Practice & Rites Retreats.

Voyages are Pilgrimages and Deep Inner Work Journeys into ones own self, and also visiting nature sanctuaries, as well as  the Ancient Sacred Sites of Mexico and Greece. Sometimes accompanied with Tao Teachings, Plant Medicines, or sometimes, simply the power of writing, hiking, placing offerings, singing, nourishment and safe spaces for self-exploration.


Upcoming Event Calendar to have an overview of the upcoming events, retreats, ceremonies, workshops, courses, rites and gatherings, in Mexico, Europe, United States and OnLine!

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