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Las Liridas


Temple / Eco Sanctuary / Ceremonial Center / Ecovillage


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Short Summary

My name is Natalie Eidi, and for over 20 years now, I have been faithfully following this vision i have received and accepted, of creating a Sustainable Community and a Non-Denominational Temple/Ceremonial Center, as a service to others, focused around deep transformational inner work and evolution towards our transcendance on this Earth Plane and as a Humanity, by means of various ancestral traditions, as well other useful techniques, and knowledge passed down to us since the beginning of time.

It has been, and will continue to be my life project.
A place to "grow young" with my loved ones, and a place to provide a space for others to come and cultivate themselves in.

This part of the project which we are gathering funds for is a crucial part, as the road that leads towards the temple has deteriorated due to all the trucks that have been delivering material in the process of our first phase building and constructing. It is not possible to pass with a small regular car, and so, it is an inhibition for us to hold any type of event there, as we cannot ask participants to drive up, making it difficult to participate in our ceremonies, for which they usually need to bring sleeping mats, pillows, blankets, personal items, etc. 


What We Need & What You Get

To build the 20m stretch of road using on-site volcanic rocks, we will need approximately 50,000 pesos, or 2,500 usd.

  • For 20m2 we will need about 20,000 pesos for labour and the other 30,000 for material, water, portable water tank. 

  • If by any chance we do not reach our goal, we will advance with as many meters as possible , since this fragment of road is becoming more and more impossible to tred on, even for 4x4 trucks!.


The Impact

This is a relatively small goal within the larger project: Improving the impassable 20m of the road leading towards Las Liridas, so that regular cars can enter the property and therefore we can start activating the events and ceremonies in the unfinished temple space, which is perfect for several types of ceremonies already. It is the only missing piece in order to activate fully ceremonies in Las Liridas : The Road. (the worst impassable part of it) 

  • Las Liridas is an eco-village project that is built around the Ceremonial Center, which contains a Temple, and which also will contain a Dark Room Technology Retreat Center, cabins for visitors, communal kitchen, food gardens, sustainable water systems, and a few residential houses. This type of place is not only an inspiration to many but also a safe haven to retreat to in these moving times. A place for realizing inner work, learning about life and community living and a place to learn about our stellar origins and our path towards planetary consciousness awakening and human evolution

What we have accomplished so far...

  • The purchasing of 6,050m2 for Las Liridas Ecovillage and Temple, Project, half of which is donated to Las Liridas Temple Ceremonial Center

  • Opening the road with a machine from the entrance of the project all the way until the last parcel. Previously all the land was only accessible by foot.

  • Making the base of the Temple, (flattening a 12m circle, and creating the volcanic rock foundations for the dome)

- Making a raised Dry Toilet/storage room, 

- Making the terrace in front of the temple

- Making the terraces on the other side of the temple

- Cleaning up after construction

- Buying and fixing a VW 1985 van for transporting materials and sleeping in it onsite. 

- 2 large canvas tents, (6x4m and 4x4m) for accommodation.

- The digging up 70,000m3 for cistern 1

- The digging up 200,000m3 for cistern 2


Risks & Challenges

The risk is that the heavy rainy season gets here before its designated time (April - May-mid June) rather than July) and makes the drying of the road work slower. 
For this risk we have decided to work with a large group of workers, (10) who can finish the road in 3 days, rather than in over a week if we only had 2 or 3 workers. This would speed up everything!
These are the same men who built the temple base and so i know them to be quite efficient and solid. 

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can help us reach our goals! You can help us by sharing this fundraiser to friends and family interested in projects such as this one!  You may use the Indiegogo share tools and help me get to more people by telling others of this project!

Join us on one of our events, retreats, ceremonies and workshops:!

  • Ancient Chinese Taoism / Sexual Taoism

  • Merkabah/Pa Kua / Light Body Activation 

  • Taoist Dark Room Technology (10-21 days in total darkness) for conscious living but also conscious "Dying Without Dying"

  • Wixarika (Huichol) and other Mexican Ancestral Plant Medicine Traditions and Ceremonies

  • Amazonian Ancestral Plant Medicine Traditions and Ceremonies

  • Conscious Breathing

  • Mayan Natal Astral Tools for knowing ones' self better

  • Shamanic Drumming

  • Fire Walking

  • Cacao Ceremonies

...... and more.....

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