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Las Liridas


Initiatic Sanctuary / Temple / Ceremonial Centre / Intentional Community


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Short Summary

My name is Natalie Eidi, and for over 20 years now, I have been faithfully following this vision I have received and accepted, of creating a Sustainable Community and a Non-Denominational Temple/Ceremonial Center, as a service to others, focused around deep transformational inner work and evolution towards our transcendance on this Earth Plane and as a Humanity, by means of various ancestral traditions, as well other useful techniques, and knowledge passed down to us since the beginning of time.

It has been, and will continue to be my life project.
A place to "grow young" with my loved ones, and a place to provide a space for others to come and cultivate themselves in.

This part of the project which we are gathering funds for is a crucial part, As we are perfecting and finalizing what in permaculture is called "phase 0", which in detail consists in the following areas:


  • Community Kitchen: 

    • Kitchen Roof - We currently various layers of large tarp, which pretty much lasted during the rainy season, although it did have leaks towards the end. We would like to take advantage of the dry season ahead of us to re configure a more proper roof solution. We are estimating Plastitejas which is 7m long Plastic Roof Tiles , and improve the structure so as to withhold it properly.
    • Kitchen Walls -  We currently have surrounding Fiberglass Mosquito Net walls on all sides. This was a provisional solution we came up with last year due to the tropical climates challenge of insects, spiders and mosquitos inside the kitchen, not to mention our own animals and the surrounding wild life which loved coming in our kitchen to raid us! Although this has been a wonderful solution for the time being, we would like to build Cob walls / Bajareque walls (wooden skeleton and refilling with clay, sand, water, straw) leaving a large portion of the wall as a mosquito net window to still feel completely submerged in nature but have more solidity and hygiene, and also be able to advance with the whole kitchen storage areas which we are very keen on starting!
    • Kitchen design, and hand made custom storage: Once having the walls in place, we need to make the necesarry storage areas and the furniture for the sink, closet, stove and fridge. Being a 6m octagon, we will need to customize the irregular corners, and using wood and clay we intend on making the place cozy, and as much as possible anti-critter!
    • Filters for Grey Water: It is slowly becoming more and more necesarry to start planning our grease traps in our grey water filter system, and be able to re-utilize the water for our surrounding plants
  • Community Showers:

    • Bathroom Floor -  Having already built the stone base, we would just need to put in a proper slip-free floor for people to walk into, and make the necesarry settings for drainage.

    • Bathroom Ceiling - Having most of the main structure we would need to add some translucent ceiling material 

    • Bathroom Faucent / Shower Head /  Bathtub / Water instalation : 

    • Bathroom Walls : Here we are looking to use local ecological materials which do not absorb water, such as Teca/Eucaliptus Wood specifically used for outdoor decks and design, HighQuality  Mosquito net and if needed, stone or cob.

  • Community Bathrooms:

    •  Most of our bathrooms are already built, with Cob, and we already have a plastiteja tile roof over the whole unit, . The floors have already been made and the compartments where the dry toilet buckets go for the wase. WE now need to finish the job but enclosing all the corners and crevices, doors, ceilings and windows, our main materials are plywood, mosquito net and wood.

    • We need a combination of natural solar heating water system (Ecotechnology with black hose and tyre_ and also a stick burning boiler heater.

    • We also need a sink for washing hands and faces, with a mirror and a proper drainage to the nearby plants

  • Water Storage Stone Cistern - In Tepoztlan it rains massively half the year. Unfortunately we have not had enough money to build a water storage. So we bought a few small plastic water storage tanks which we have been using for the meantime, meaning that we purchase water for now. Ideally we will collect the rain and store it in the Cistern

  • As the road that leads towards the temple has deteriorated due to all the trucks that have been delivering material in the process of our first phase building and constructing. It is not possible to pass with a small regular car, and so, it is an inhibition for us to hold any type of event there, as we cannot ask participants to drive up, making it difficult to participate in our ceremonies, for which they usually need to bring walking up sleeping mats, pillows, blankets, personal items, etc. 



Join us on one of our events, retreats, ceremonies and workshops:!

  • Ancient Chinese Taoism / Sexual Taoism

  • Merkabah/Pa Kua / Light Body Activation 

  • Taoist Dark Room Technology (10-21 days in total darkness) for conscious living but also conscious "Dying Without Dying"

  • Wixarika (Huichol) and other Mexican Ancestral Plant Medicine Traditions and Ceremonies

  • Amazonian Ancestral Plant Medicine Traditions and Ceremonies

  • Conscious Breathing

  • Mayan Natal Astral Tools for knowing ones' self better

  • Shamanic Drumming

  • Fire Walking

  • Cacao Ceremonies

...... and more.....

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