Let's Talk About Sex & Relations

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Lets talk about Sex and relations

Having explored her own sexuality; having had multiple relations, sometimes simultaneously; having explored the open relationship world and having a natural magnetic pull for people reaching out to her telling her their Sexual problems, and stories, Natalie Eidi "...cares to listen to people's stories, and give them the neutral space that is often scarce in our patriarchal and judgmental society, to express themselves, to come to terms with themselves, to allow themselves to feel whatever it is they are feeling and through this to open up to a deeper understanding and insight of their being. We are always learning from ourselves, and from others. Sometimes just speaking the matters of the heart and sexuality to someone able to listen and understand, is alone the medicine we were looking for and the beginning of unravelling the knot we sometimes feel lost in". 

"It is not my desire neither my principle to make these sessions a long term commitment, initially, I suggest 3 sessions, (one weekly for three weeks) and once ending the third session, we may decide if it is needed to prolong the sessions or not. Hopefully not!"

Founder of the Polyamory and Conscious Open Relationships Mexico Facebook group with currently over 11K, working with sexuality for almost  a decade through the ancient taoist art of sexual alchemy, other than her personal quest of relationships. 

30 usd per session / 75 for 3 sessions  (1hr sessions)

600 pesos per session / 1500 for 3 sessions 

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Natalie Eidi: Telegram/WhatsApp: +52 777 110 7686
Facebook: www.facebook.com/naturalie
Instagram: @Naturalie

Se vuelve mas difícil cada vez sacudir o tumbar los ánimos de una mujer sexualmente libre