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Know ThySelf

Maya Astrology Readings, Apprenticeship and Oracle

The Mayan Tzolkin is a Solar AND Lunar cyclical, spiral count, that helps synchronize our Mind to the Universal Mind, on a Natural Frequency of Time; mapping out our Soul's evolutionary path from the Stars, to Planet Earth, where we experiment on BE-ing who we came to BE, on a path with which we Transcend back towards the Stars, in 13 "stages". This is done by all Humanity on an unconscious or conscious level. The more we awaken to be be aware of this, the more we can consciously co create our Reality, and also deal with the Reality that is given to us in a more aligned manner. 


             These 13 stages are:

1. Purpose                       8. Integrity 
2. Challenge                    9. Intention 
3. Service                        10. Manifestation
4. Grounding                  11. Liberation
5. Authority                     12. Dedication 
6. Rythm                         13. Transcendence
                  7. Resonance


This Galactic Tool has been handed down to us over 5000 years ago, and is still as current today as it was then. Knowing the language of the Calendar, rehabilitates our telepathic connection, clears our pathways for Cosmic “downloads” and assists our personal processes through a precise blueprint of Our Higher Purpose on this planet. We are able to learn from and heal our Past, find perfection and alignment in our NOW, and predict the outcomes of our current tendency path and therefore make conscious reflective decisions to improve our Life. By knowing our Self we are then able to know the mystery of the ALL, for the ALL is at the very centre of every ones Be-ing. We will also discover how to apply this tool in order to reach and maintain our pure potential.

Depending on the modality given, these are the basic contents Natalie Eidi suggests for fully comprehending how to use the Mayan Calendar as a SELF KNOWLEDGE tool to align with our Path on Earth. 



0. Mayan philosophy, history, world Vision, Mathematics, Star People Origin.

1. Sacred Geometry, Divine Order and fundamental pattern/code of creation within ALL (including Mayan Tzolkin Calendar)

2. Quiche/Dreamspell Counts - Unification vs Separation

3. Our galactic "Kin" and how to Calculate it and how to ADD other "kins" to our own

4. The deeper meaning and flow behind all the 20 Solar Signs

5. The 13 stage journey of Purpose-Transcendence with the 13 Lunar Tones

6. Our Dreamspell Wavespell (and Opposing) and how to interpret it and go deeper every day. (this is the integration of Solar Kins and Lunar tones)

7. Our Oracle (and opposing) and how to feel it around us at all times

8. How to discern between Luminous and Shadow aspects and the very thin line in between.

9. How to interpret the charts made by 2 or more people.

Natalie's Experience

Natalie Eidi has been deepening in the Maya Calendar for 17 years, and has been giving readings and workshops for about 14 years internationally


She integrates the Maya Quitche and the Dreamspell by Jose Arguelles, and focuses more on the energetic essence of the signs and tones of the kins, basing herself always on the nature of the Maya philosophy of In Lak'ech / Alaken which means "I am another Yourself / You are another Myself", which is to say, WE ARE ONE. This means that any mathematic disputes on the variation of the counts (quitche and dreamspell) quickly dissolve under this optic, because it is the UNIFICATION of one's own duality, and therefore of Humanity, that she inspires to cultivate through her sessions.

Her sessions may be made in person if she happens to be travelling near you, or ONLINE through a videocall. 

Personal Reading

This is a personalized Interpreted Natal Chart Reading for the individual, where we not only overlook all the points mentioned above, but also together, you examine the relationship to a close relative, friend or loved one

Couple Readings

This is a full download of the signs, the tones, the wavespell and the Oracle of all parties, and also the ADDED sign that the two or more people compse when ADDED together. Here we naturally examine the relationship between each party and highlight the aspects worth looking at between all.

Mayan Oracle Online Reading

$150.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price
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