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If anybody out there REALLY loves me (!!😂!!).... and wants to support me in my life and quest in building the Temple in Las Líridas Ceremonial Center Ecovillage in Tepoztlán, Mexico.... Then:
PLEASE send me a HUG(e amount of money)!!!


In DIRE need right now of all the donations and support possible, to keep advancing with the roof, road, cistern, toilets, showers, kitchen, so that ceremonies, retreats and workshops can happen there more and more comfortably!!!!


Those of you who know me and my gypsy lifestyle dedicated to sacred sexual education, permaculture, service and ceremonies know that it's not the most business oriented money making job I could have chosen.... But then again....does one actually "choose" when there is such a strong calling?

I call on the wisdom of my ancestors who did have their Greek Orthodox Church... How did they build it? With which money? Church money, people's money from that faith. But this one is a non-denominational Temple. For ceremonies, transformative inner work,  prayer and communion with Nature. Where there is NO separation by race, religion, status or material possessions. Just the pureness of heart in their desire to improve, purify, transcend, and lighten up theirselves. 


So I call out to you, The Tribe. The Community. The soul family. The Spirit family. The Star family!

Thank you!!!!!

More info on las Liridas here


Here is a little document on what Las Liridas is about and our next steps to accomplish, and what we have already accomplishe.

Mission statement:


Las Liridas is a non-denominational ceremonial centre and sanctuary embodying intentional sustainable principles in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico.  Las Liridas is providing a safe and natural space for those seeking to cultivate spirituality, partake in ancestral traditional ceremonies for personal growth, energetic cleansing and inner expansion.


During the time of its construction and development, Las Liridas will function as a Living and Learning Centre for anyone interested in Permaculture Design, providing practical workshops in natural building, gardens, water management, and such related topics.



Las Liridas is the vision of Natalie Eidi and with the support of Simon Barkworth, have both come together to donate land, time and energy, providing the foundations and support for this beautiful and abundant land to become a flourishing sanctuary and home for personal growth. As guardians we feel it is most important for this project to serve not only us as individuals and as a community, but also beyond out times and Las Liridas live in perpetuity.  


We, in Las Liridas Temple Sanctuary Project and Las Liridas community, believe in the importance of cultivating one's entire being in these relevant times of change, for uplifting our spirit and realizing ourselves through the fulfillment of our purpose of being Human, here on Earth. 


We are creating Las Liridas to provide a safe space where different activities and events that encourage the cultivation of our being occur, so that we may all have the remembrance of who we are in our purest potential. 


This project consists of:

  • A Temple for ceremonies;

  • A multiple use room for workshops,

  • A communal kitchen,

  • A permaculture food and herb garden,

  • Sustainable water system/cistern/showers/dry toilets/pond, etc,

  • A Healing space and gardens

  • Sleeping accommodations for guests, staff, volunteers and visitors.

  • A Taoist Dark Room Technology Retreat Facilites


Our values:

* Sustainability (Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Energetic)

* EnJOYment (Find Joy and Gratitude in what we do)

* Nature (Returning back to Nature itself, and Natural ways of Living closer to Nature each time)

* Wisdom from Ancestral Cultures (Rituals, Ceremonies, healing tools, natural medicines, attitudes and lifestyles)

* Education / Ethics / integrity

* Diversity and Intercultural Exchange



Community Description

Las Liridas is also a community, for those that want to engage with the project in various ways, can, whether it is buying adjacent land or simply coming to a workshop or ceremony. So far we are a group of 5, all a family of friends, who have purchased land adjacent to Las Liridas sanctuary.  We are inspired by one another, and eager to spend the rest of our lives supporting this project and living peacefully and in community together. We are very varied in our cultural backgrounds and disciplines and provide a wide range of services for the community. 


What we have done so far:


Phase 1


- Opening the road with a machine from the entrance of the project all the way until the last parcel. Previously all the land was only accessible by foot.

- Making the base of the Temple, (flattening a 12m circle, and creating the volcanic rock foundations for the dome)

- Making a raised Dry Toilet/storage room, 

- Making the terrace in front of the temple

- Making the terraces on the other side of the temple

- Cleaning up after construction

- Buying and fixing a VW 1985 van for transporting materials and sleeping in it onsite. 

- 2 large canvas tents, (6x4m and 4x4m) for accommodation.

- The digging up 70,000m3 for cistern 1

- The digging up 200,000m3 for cistern 2 


What’s next:


Phase 2:


- Making the first part of the road (public road to Las Liridas temple) fully accessible to all cars. Required: 10 men, 2 working days (a local team we have used to build the foundations of the temple made from the same material). Repairing and constructing a 35m section of road with rocks found on the land. Materials:  Cement, water truck, tools, filling with rocks and cement. (60,000 Mxpesos).

- Setting up another 2 big  6m diameter glamping tents on firm levelled ground, with the mosquito netting and surrounding protection, beds, and all required to receive guests during ceremonies.

- Build a cistern on the 70,000 m3 area excavated to supply water for the first buildings/kitchen and bathroom hand washing. (estimated cost 150,000MXN)

- Construction of glamping showers .

- A wooden zome roof for our Temple. Estimated cost (doing the labour ourself) 250,000 mxnpesos

And obviously more phases coming!....

How to Support: (other than financially!) (Details for Donation right after)

1. Through PRAYER and Sending Good VIbes!!!!
2. Telling others about this project!
3. Helping out onsite with your Helping Hands and Helping Attitude!

4. Participating in the Ceremonies and Events we organize there!

5. Coming and Staying with us for a time, when we will have our cabins and cistern!

6. and of course.... by donating money!!!!

Donations Gladly Accepted

1. Transferwise


2. Depositos/Transferencias

A)   Mexico

Natalie Eidi Compean:
Account Number: 6393137420, 
CLABE: 021549063931374201 
ard Number: 4213 1661 2880 9302 
Swift code for intl transfers: BIMEMXMM


Banco Azteca
Natalie Eidi Compean
CUENTA:   82870130102540
CLABE INTERBANCARIA:  127547001301025404


Bank N26
Name:  Natalie Eidi
IBAN:  DE27100110012628474773
Karla Eidi Compean
Abram-Joffe-Straße 18
12489 Berlin Germany


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