Ceremonias de Curación

Wixarika Blue Deer Healing Ceremonies

Traditional Yage Healing Ceremony with Taita Floro

Healing Yagé Ceremonies


Taita Florentino Agreda

10, 11 & 12 Feb 2022:  Tepoztlan, Morelos
17, 18 & 19 Feb 2022: ?

24, 25 & 26 Feb 2022:   ?

Curandero Taita Floro, comes from the valley of Sibundoy, region of the Colombian Andes where the traditions of the Kamentsa peoples are alive.
Medicine man and heir to the knowledge and tradition of the Kamëntsa community: Shamanic healing, crystal therapy, acupressure and chiropraxis


- It is important that each one comes with a specific personal goal.

- Do not consume garlic during the fifteen days before the ceremony.

- During the week preceding the ceremonies, eat the healthiest, freshest and lightest possible by abstaining from eating red meat, drinking alcohol and consuming any other toxic substance (cigarettes, grass, etc.) in order to To purify his body.

- The week following the ceremonies, so that the positive effects of medicine continue to act on the body, it is advisable to continue the same diet.

- Warning ! Certain medicines are totally contraindicated, it is best not to take medicines at all in the preceding weeks and in cases where they have had to take them, to inform me in advance to ask for the opinion of the Taita.

- Girls on the moon during the ceremonies should warn me in advance.


- a white candle for each ceremony

- Fruit for the altar / following morning breakfast
- Comfortable and warm clothes for the inside and outside at night, taking account of the weather and the fact that the sensation of cold can be accentuated under the effect of medicine (rain boots if necessary, slippers, etc.)
- A blanket, a mattress or a floor mat, a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag, a pillow ... enough to make a cozy nest
- One roll of toilet paper


People with a vehicle are planning to organize a carpool.



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