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Tao of Healing Love

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Tao of Healing Love

Educator and Sexologist, "Senior Instructor"  of the

Universal Tao System of the Great

Master Mantak Chia in Thailand

The ancient Taoist Masters knew that balanced sexuality is not only vital for maintaining physical, emotional and mental health, but is also in itself a path of inner fulfillment, by connecting directly with the origin of life.

The Tao of Love consists of a series of exercises and individual and couple practices that allow the practitioner not only to avoid the loss of sexual energy, but also to help manage and transmute the sexual energy into other subtle forms of energy, such as as creativity and spirituality, by taking "Consciousness of Being" through highly healing states of ecstasy and inner transformation.

This conscious management of one's sexual energy has multiple benefits for both men and women.

In man you can avoid dysfunctions that are not of biological origin (diseases, drugs, operations, drugs that affect sexual functioning) and psychiatric (anxiety and depression). Taoist sexual / emotional practices have proven to be an invaluable tool to help eliminate at the root of sexual dysfunctions of psychosomatic origin or due to an inadequate integration of the map of erotic reflexes, which could be such as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, Chronic exhaustion, insomnia, excessive tiredness, stress.

Women who practice Taoist techniques can avoid climacteric symptoms that are generated by the fall of the hormonal profile during and after the menopause (for some women), since there are many of them that do not show reduction in their hormonal production even in advanced age, because these exercises help maintain a high hormonal profile regardless of menopause, by giving specific orders to the endocrine system through this fascinating art of Sexual Chi Kung, helps them maintain a jovial appearance and fullness of functions .

This discipline also helps to avoid problems such as uterine prolapse, fallen bladder, incontinence, among many other benefits.

A woman in this state of grace where she is sexually exalted, opens her emotional center and connects with the spiritual energy that links her to the origin of life, is able to literally open a "perceptual dimensional door" and enter the state called " Le Petite Mort "(The Little Death), where he loses all sensory connection in the physical plane, but experiences a mystical-spiritual experience, impossible to explain rationally but which represents a special connection with a Power beyond our understanding, related to the dimension where the origin of life is found and that will manifest itself in it as a silent knowledge.

A woman in states of ecstasy can help her partner to enter that same state, for this it is necessary that his companion is sensitive enough to enter harmonious resonance with the Sacred Feminine and allow himself to cultivate his inner woman and all the qualities that derive from it, such as: sensitivity, intuition, receptivity, compassion, kindness, respect and spirituality.


Tao of Healing Love
Levels 1 and 2


Level 1
The Subtle Art of Loving in Fullness

The Tao of Love is a set of knowledge and exercises that lead the practitioner to live in harmony with himself and with the universe


  • Inner smile.

  • Microcosmic orbit.

  • The Healing Sounds.

  • Introduction to Healing Love.

  • Art of Injaculation / Orgasmic Absorption.

  • The Taoist Cultivation of Multiorgasmic Man.

  • Introduction to the Taoist Cultivation of Multiorgasmic Women.


  • Open the channels of circulation of vital energy, to circulate through them vital energy, exalted sexual energy and orgasmic energy.

  • Know the Six Regenerative Sounds that allow the transformation of negative emotions into virtues that heal internal organs.

  • The man will be able to obtain absolute control of the ejaculatory impulse, to cultivate the art of the Injaculation and thus avoid the loss of vital energy during sexual relations and become a multiorgasmic man.

  • The woman will be able to experience different types of orgasms that will allow her access to states of healing and regenerative ecstasy, and will be able to lead her partner to experience these states of grace.

  • You will know the sexual secrets that slow the aging process and avoid the symptoms of climacteric, both male and female.

  • You will be able to create an integration in the couple of eroticism, sensuality, love and spirituality.

  • Invaluable assistant to help eliminate sexual dysfunctions of psychosomatic origin or due to an inadequate integration of the map of erotic reflexes, which could be such as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, chronic exhaustion, insomnia, excessive tiredness, stress


Levels 2


  • Review of the Workshop The Tao of Love I.

  • Internal Laughter.

  • Opening of the Microcosmic Orbit in Pair.

  • Introduction to Tan Tien Chi Kung and its sexual applications.

  • The Advanced Taoist Cultivation of the Multi-orgasmic Woman.

  • The Eight Benefits (Taoist Medical Sexual Recipes).

  • The states of ecstasy.

  • The 4 Directions (The 4 Winds of personality), their Influence and Strategy in Relationships.



  • Open the Main Channels of Vital Energy Circulation: The Microcosmic orbit and the Macrocosmic orbit.

  • Reinforce the Art of Injaculation or Orgasmic Absorption.

  • Know which is your "Direction" or "Divine Breath of Birth" and that of your partner.

  • Establish the coexistence strategy to cultivate a healthy relationship as a couple.

  • To form and cultivate the internal structure of "TAN TIEN CHI KUNG", (Foundation of Vital Energy and Taoist Internal Structure).

  • Know advanced female and male Taoist sexual secrets.

  • Direct orgasmic energy to the internal organs and thus experience the "ORGASMS OF THE ORGANS".

  • Know the power of the inner vibration and the MANTRICA to heal and unblock the channels of flow of subtle energy, creating physical and emotional health.

  • Cultivate the EIGHT BENEFITS, which are the sexual recipes administered by ancient Taoist doctors to advanced practitioners of this lovemaking art.

  • Increase the levels of HEALING EXTASIS through the application of these fascinating tools.

Note: These techniques are not a substitute for any form of therapy, they are excellent aids in eliminating sexual dysfunctions that are not of biological or psychiatric origin."The cultivation of our Sexuality can be the source of Eternal Youth. "The Tao of Love" is a set of knowledge and exercises that lead the practitioner to live in harmony with himself and with the universe..

TAO OF LOVE Level 3:


  • The fusion of the 5 Elements.

  • Power of the Tan Tien

  • The Chi Kung of the "Iron Shirt".

  • The "Sexercises".

  • The Eight Benefits

  • The Eight Healing Sex Positions for Men.

  • The Seven Healing Sex Positions for Women.


  • Transform negative emotions into virtues for a greater personal emotional balance and to cultivate the art of a healthy coexistence as a couple.

  • Increase the Power of Tan Tien, to achieve physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health, maintaining it even in advanced age.

  • Strengthen the internal organs and substantially improve virility in men and physical and emotional health in both sexes.

  • Definitively avoid the symptoms of male and female climacteric.

  • Achieve greater control over the personal Psycho-Physiological Profile, necessary to experience states of healing ecstasy in couple relationships.

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