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For All My Relations
Individual Sessions with Natalie Eidi

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Virtual or in Person


For all my relations
individual sessions with Natalie EIdi 

Individual Sessions for topics of Love, Relationships, Sexuality and Life Path.


Thanks to all the people who have written to me over the years, especially since I created this group (Polyamory and Conscious Open Relationships Mexico), who have wanted to express what they are going through in their relationships, who have wanted some advice, or who simply wanted to be heard without the judgments generated by these issues in this culture in which we live.


In my own search for life, I saw the importance of 'talking' about my issues, so that I didn't withhold anything inside myself, and that it wasn't repressed within my psyche or body. I have been taking professional psychoanalysis therapy for 14 years, and I have some good friends with whom I share my intimate affairs and every time I speak it out loud, something is released, clarified, understood, accommodated….

Likewise, in the ceremonies in which I participate and organize, especially those of Hikuri with the Wixarika (Huichol) culture, it is extremely important to pray out loud... To listen to each other. To listen to others. For the Universe to listen to us. To formulate in words all that inexplicable that the Human Being feels in his heart.


In themes of Love, everything enters… The exploration of affective sexual relations, the dance between monogamy and polyamory; Open Relationships, Jealousy, Heartbreak, Sexuality, Agreements, and many more topics that make up the complexity of human relationships.



If you need a safe space, where you can talk about your lives, relationships and heart, you can contact me. 


natalie eidi

+527771107686 (whats/telegram/cel)


Contact me for details

Sometimes, just one session is enough. 
Sometimes just a few. 
Other times a short period of time is required. 
But my intention is not to make it an everlasting thing.

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Se vuelve mas difícil cada vez sacudir o tumbar los ánimos de una mujer sexualmente libre
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