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Empowerment, Purpose, Healing, Oneness


Initiation, Healing & Empowerment Rite of Passage

Firewalking has its origin in pre-history. In many countries the ancients firewalked in powerful rituals of renewal. Throughout the ages firewalking has been a part of the tapestry of human culture. It has always been practiced in the context of emotional, physical or spiritual healing. Today the firewalk has captivated hundreds of thousands worldwide as a tool of personal empowerment and healing.
​We walk for our selves, we walk for those before us and for those to come

Transcend and Become

The FireWalking rites and events are designed to reach your core consciousness, where the Knowing of your Infinite Power and Lightness of Being resides; and throughout the experience, we awaken our Merkabah, ignite our innate potential, and crystalize our Visions, Life Purpose, Desires, Dreams and Mission.
We work through our Limiting beliefs, find ways to overcome our challenges, and most importantly, detect and correct that part of our own "mind" that sabotages us into unnecessary pain and suffering, constructing in this manner, new neuropathways for us to CREATE A NEW AND IMPROVED REALITY.

My FireWalking rites and experiences are mostly in alignment with the Moon, the Sun, Eclipses, Planetary alignments, and so forth.

Personal & Planetary Healing

Firewalking is a personal tool for healing
on all levels.
We walk for our own transformation and
that of our dear Humanity

Intention. Attention. Love


Rites of Passage

Participating in a Rite of Passage
transforms your life for ever

We are remembering!


Personal Empowerment

 If you can walk on red hot coals, and not get burnt, imagine what else you are capable of!
Master your mind and self, and consciously create the Reality you came to create.


For further information on upcoming events or for special groups please contact me:

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