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Taoist Sexual Alchemy and Sacred Sexuality
Online Course

The Tao of Love is a set of knowledge and exercises that lead the practitioner to live in harmony with himself and with the universe

(This workshop has curricular value within the Universal Healing Tao system of the G.M. Mantak Chia from Thailand, The Secretary of Public Education and “CONOCER” (national council for standardization and certification of labor competencies)




Session 1:  Introduction to Taoism
* Overview of the Online Course
* Relation between Tao and Chi Kung
* The Art of Sexual Transmutation
* Brief History of our Lineage
* World View of the Tao
* Dark Room Technology

Session 2: Taoist Sexual Alchemy
* Basic Principles of Inner Structure
* Swimming Dragon
*Cosmic Inner Smile
* The WaterMill
* 14 Points of the MicroCosmic Orbit
* Initiatic Method of the Microcosmic Orbit Opening

Session 3: Healing Sounds
* Transmutation of Emotional Energy
* Exercise of the 6 Healing Sounds

Session 4: Sexual Human Response
* Western Sexual Human Response
* Taoist Sexual Human Response
* Erotic Reflex Map
* The Observant “I”
* Primordial Breathing

Session 5:  Training of the MultiOrgasmic Man
* Testicular and Ovarian Breathing
* The Art of Sharpening the Sword
* Masculine Erogenous Zones
* The Art of Injaculation /  Orgasmic Absorption
* Safety Measures

Session 6: Training for the MultiOrgasmic Woman Part 1
* Inner Laugh
* The Art of Beheading the Red Dragon
* The Use of The Jade/Onyx Egg (Beginners and Advanced)


Session 7: Training for the MultiOrgasmic Woman Part 2
*Female Erogenous Zones and their Effective Sexual Stimulation
* Genital Reflexology
* The Sacred Zone (The G Zone): Healing the Feminine Sexual History
* Recapitulation
* Story The Black Widow in the Tao

Session 8: Tan Tien Chi Kung
* Rooting and its impact in the Psyche
* Unbendable Arm
* Look Of Power


Session 9:  * The 4 Directions and Their Influence on Human Relations
* Ancestral Toltec Knowledge

Session 10:  The MultiOrgasmic Couple
* Consecrating the Space
* The opening of the MicroCosmic Orbit


Session 11:  Sexercises - Sexual Healing Positions
* The 8 Benefits
* The 8 Healing Positions for Men
* The 7 Healing Positions for Women

Session 12:  Unconditional Love Meditation and Mantric.

Note: These techniques are not a substitute for any form of therapy, they are excellent aids in eliminating sexual dysfunctions that are not of biological or psychiatric origin.

"The cultivation of our Sexuality can be the source of Eternal Youth."

The Tao of Love is a set of knowledge and exercises that lead the practitioner to live in harmony with himself and with the universe..


* 24+ hours of effective training in 12 sessions of 2+ hours each *

* Electronic workbook

* Daily practice groups at no extra cost to internalize the practices

♂♀ The people who participate in this workshop:


👉🏼 Will know the historical bases of the Tao and the lineage that supports the millennial knowledge of the Taoist practices.


👉🏼 Will know the worldview of the tao and the relationship with the art of chi kung, understanding the relationship that exists between sex and the spirit.


👉🏼 Will know the Six Regenerative Sounds that allow the transformation of negative emotions into virtues that heal the internal organs.


👉🏼 Will understand the bases of the human sexual response in the West and in the Tao.

👉🏼 Will be able to open the channels of circulation of vital energy, to be able to circulate through them: vital energy, exalted sexual energy and orgasmic energy.

👉🏼  (Men), Will learn how he can obtain absolute control of the ejaculatory impulse, to cultivate the art of Injaculation and thus avoid the loss of vital energy during sexual intercourse and become a multi-orgasmic man.


👸🏼  (Woman) will be able to experience different types of orgasms that will allow her access to states of healing and regenerating ecstasy, and will be able to lead her partner to experience these states of grace.


🔴  Will know the sexual secrets that slow down the aging process and prevent the symptoms of climacteric, both male and female.


💞  Will be able to create at the time an integration in the couple of eroticism, sensuality, love and spirituality creating a coexistence strategy to cultivate a healthy couple relationship.

👉🏼 Will be Forming and cultivating the internal structure of TAN TIEN CHI KUNG (Foundation of Vital Energy and Taoist Internal Structure).


👉🏼 Will be able to direct orgasmic energy to the internal organs and thus experience the "orgasms of the organs".


👉🏼 Will know the power of the inner vibration and MANTRICA to heal and unblock the channels of flow of subtle energy, creating physical and emotional health.


🌹 Will cultivate the EIGHT BENEFITS, which are the sexual recipes administered by ancient Taoist doctors to advanced practitioners of this lovemaking art.


👉🏼 Will learn to increase the levels of HEALING EXTASIS through the application of these fascinating tools.

(These techniques are an invaluable aid to help eliminate sexual dysfunctions of psychosomatic origin or due to an inadequate integration of the map of erotic reflexes, which could be such as: involuntary ejaculation, dysfunction erectile, chronic exhaustion, insomnia, excessive tiredness, stress, etc.)

Taught by:

Jerónimo García Z.
Educating Sexologist, Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao System of the Grand Master Mantak Chia of Thailand, Sifu in Wing Tsun Kuen, Coach Trainer for the International Council of Coaching Accreditation based in Canada.


Hosted by:

Natalie Eidi Compean 

Disciple of and organizer of Jeronimo Garcia's workshops in Europe and Mexico. 



Individual        /        For Real Couples
9,800 MXN       /    15,000 MXN

1,875,650 COP      /    2,813,475  COP
396,850 CLP      /    595,270 CLP

500 USD       /         720 USD 

400 EUROS       /      638 EUROS 
500 CHF     /      670 CHF

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