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Opening our Hearts up to more Love...

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11 Principles of Relations

1. You neither belong to me nor do I belong to you, we met free and fell in love freely.

2. We have the right to our personal space and to ask that the other not interfere when that space is requested from the other.

3. Being afraid of loving because of being afraid of suffering is like being afraid of living because we are going to die.

4. The other is a mirror that gives us back the reflection of what we like and also what we do not like about ourselves.

5. That is the reason why when the mirror (The other) reflects the beauty of us we are in a cloud and when it shows the horrible we descend into hell.

6. Through the hell that the other reflects to us is how we can consciously see what we are not capable of seeing in ourselves and transmute it.

7. There is no ideal love. At first all loves are beautiful because lovers only want to see and show the other the side they like about themselves, but it doesn't take long for what we don't like about ourselves to sprout up and appear and the more we run away from that plus this is shown to the other. You have to work hard to overcome it.

8. Balance does not come from just saying nice things so as not to offend but from saying what you think even if it hurts, being firm in words but soft in tone and manner. Wounds are an opportunity to advance as people and integrate and heal those aspects that we detest in ourselves.

9. The two lovers earn the right to live in ecstasy when they have transmuted all the parts of what they do not like about themselves, then and only then does the paradise they lived at the beginning of meeting but this time arrive stable and without hiding anything.

10. Going changing partners over and over again looking for the "nice" at the beginning is a waste of time, even so if you run into a sociopath, narcissistic or psychopathic partner who mistreats you for the pleasure of feeling superior to you, the best thing is that Take it out of your life or it will consume you and finally destroy you.

11. You have to let the other fly if you want to leave the relationship, and if you are sure to do so. If the other has already thought about it, letting him go is the only option, however, you will have made much progress in your personal development and no one can take that away from you.

This is a group called "Poliamor y Relaciones Abiertas Conscientes Mexico"
Which means, Polyamory and Conscious Open Relationships Mexico and its purpose is to create a safe space to share experiences, ask questions, read other peoples reflections, gain insight to common topics, or share something personal about you own process in navigating the vast myriad of open relations. 

More info soon!

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